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Welcome To Griffel-Galaxy!

Taiji, The main griffel god.

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Hello all your griffel lovers!
As you know :iconfangthedemon: and :iconelijahmidnight: are the admins of
Griffel-Galaxy while Bizhen is away.
Most of you know she will be gone for a few months.
So here is the deal Me and Elijah are both writing this so forgive us if anything
is confusing.

First off we will be releasing at least 1-2 subtypes every month
Or every other month.
We have some pretty cool Sub-Type ideas so get ready to be slapped in the face
with those and have some trippy times with the shroom griffels.
Next we will have the Easter Egg Event explained below and some
Other fun little things along the way.

~Sub-Type Leaks~
So we have three subtypes sketched those of which you can’t see quite yet.
Though we can leak a few things about these griffels.
(Let's play a game unscramble the words)
That’s what we are working on so please be patient.
If you're as excited as we are i think you’re going to love the new subtypes!

~Easter Egg Event~
This will take place around Easter probably during the weekend. Once started you will be able to create a special type of griffel not yet available to the public, but you can only use colors within a egg's color palette. The design and how you use the colors will be up to you. You will be able to get your egg from :iconelijahmidnight: when the event actually happens.
Some parts are still a work in progress as this is going to be a huge event.

~Group Icon Contest~
There is currently a group icon contest going on where a member
Is able to make a icon for the group and enter it in the contest,and the winning icon gets to
be the group icon!
More Info Here: Group Icon Contest!Open until March 31st!
1st Place:
-250 :points: (That's all I have ATM so that's what I can promise)
-a custom designed creature, doesn't have to be a griffel.
-a 150x150 pixel pagedoll (yin and yang below are examples)
-Your icon will be used and your username will replace the group catchphrase as "group icon by ---"
2nd Place:
-Creature Headshot
- 50x50 icon
So what should the icon have?
-It should say "Griffel Galaxy" in the text
-It should have any of the following characters in it:
Wuji, Godess of oblivion and the void. The first griffel in their creation mythology. She's transparent and is in the current group icon
Taiji, God of the griffel universe, Chaos, and Creation. He has multiple forms, this is the Chakra form.

Yin and Yang. if you choose them, they should be paired together.
Blanco. A genderless griffel that was the first griffel ever sketched and also serves as the base for griffel hop icons.
Any of the five demig

~Monthly Adopts~
So the monthly adopts will still be going on so don’t worry.
I(Fang) will be doing the Zodiac Adopts since i just love Zodiacs <3
Elijah will be doing the GemStone Adopts as he is really good
with drawing gemstones!
(no really go check it out it awesome.)
Also if you have reserved one don’t worry we got it covered.

So that’s what is going on behind the screen and we hope you guys will enjoy
it we are very busy at work making you guys happy ^^
If you have any questions just comment or personally send :iconfangthedemon: or :iconelijahmidnight: a note.
Have fun everyone!
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Friday, March 31st @ 2:00pm


Favorite Griffel Sub-Type? 

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5 deviants said Blood
4 deviants said Coldfire
3 deviants said Ice
3 deviants said Harvest
2 deviants said Lightningfire
2 deviants said Gemstone


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