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Icon by CookieOfPower
Hey, guys, it's Cosmic! As my first and last action as manager of the Griffels group, I'm holding a DTA with one of every type of Griffel!
Since the group is closing in October, I've decided to post this now even though all the designs aren't done ;u; The lineart for the unfinished designs will be posted, so you're not using entries without knowing at least a little about the designs that aren't finished XD

-You may enter 4 drawings/writings, either for the same griffel or for multiple ones!
-You may only win ONE griffel, unless there are more griffels than participants, in which case... we'll deal with that at the end of the event <<;
-Don't be mean to other entrants? I fell like this doesn't need to be a rule but just in case ;u; Being rude/nasty to others will disqualify you!

This will end before the end of October! I might add a raffle for some Halloween designs if it's ok with bizhen-blood, and if I finish the rest of this event's designs first XD

~Comment below with your entry, which number entry of yours it is (?/4) and the type or theme of the Griffel you're entering for!~

:bulletred:Uncompleted designs are marked with a red dot!:bulletred:

Earth Water by CosmicSlug101
Earth and :bulletred:Water- Granite and Blue Betta
Earth Subtypes by CosmicSlug101

Malachite Griffel by CosmicSlug101
Earth Subtypes: Gemstone and :bulletred:Sand- Labradorite, Malachite, and Bearded Dragon
**I'm keeping Labradorite, so I made Malachite for entries!**

Water Subtypes by CosmicSlug101
Water Subtypes: Ice and Acid- Jupiter and Volitan Lionfish
Wood Fire by CosmicSlug101
Wood and Fire- Deer and Lynx
Wood Subtypes by CosmicSlug101
Wood Subtypes: Harvest and 
:bulletred:Mushroom- Cherry Blossom and Morel
Fire Subtypes by CosmicSlug101
Fire Subtypes: 1/2
:bulletred:Lightning and Coldfire- Electricity and Snowy Owl 
(Gonna add some sparks and crackles of energy to Electricity)
Metal Null Wip by CosmicSlug101
:bulletred:Metal and :bulletred:Null- Caiman and Tropical
Metal Subtypes Wip by CosmicSlug101
Metal Subtypes: 
:bulletred:Blood and :bulletred:Tech- Rose and Airplane
Null Supbtypes Power Wip by CosmicSlug101
Null Subtypes: 
:bulletred:Light and :bulletred:Dark- Butterfly and Nightjar
Common forms: Null Supbtypes Disguises

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Group News

The griffel group is slowly shutting down all activity. The group creator (myself) doesn't have the time or the passion to run it anymore. However, I will not be deleting the group completely since I'm not leaving DA after all. This way I can hold on to the old submissions and journals.

I don't have any plans to revive the group. I loved working on it with a passion but it was incredibly stressful. Griffels helped to distract me through the worst time of my life and helped me to recover. I'm seriously burnt out on this project though. Sometimes I think I'm trying to leave it behind because I'm trying to leave behind the part of my life when this group was made.

Thank you all for helping me. I'm sorry I couldn't keep the group going in return.


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LogosandPathos Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
i shall miss this group...
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BleedingSapphire Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ElijahMidnight and CosmicSlug101, I'll let you two decide which of you will be the founder. I haven't gotten ahold of elijah yet so IDK if I can contact you after I leave? Just trying to figure out what to do with this. I want the old master list to stay up until I know if I'm leaving griffels on DA or doing something else with them. 
(2 Replies)
CookieOfPower Featured By Owner Edited Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I want to thank you guys for hosting the pixel art contest and hosting my entry as Griffel Galaxy's group icon! I'm so grateful and everything!

Heart 3D Heart Love Heart 3D 
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